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Introducing Hermes Lindy Bag

By handbagsmini 6 months ago 184 Views No comments

The Lindy stands out for its slouchy design. Introduced in the Spring/Summer 2007 runway, this bag can be carried two ways: on the hand by the handles, or over the shoulder with the attached shoulder strap. It is a very roomy bag that’s perfect for travel, as it has two exterior pockets and two large interior compartments, each with its own individual zipper.

Celine Spring Summer 2019 Handbags

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Celine’s new day has begun. As presented, the onset of that day played as more of a new night, because Hedi Slimane focused on after dark. He titled his show “Paris La Nuit,” and wrote in his program notes simply, “Journal Nocturne de la Jeunesse Parisienne.” Telling words indeed. There is virtually no connective tissue between Slimane’s aesthetic and that of his predecessor, Phoebe Philo, a reality on flagrant display throughout the show: Out with Philo’s powerful woman-to-woman runway messaging that connected so intimately with her client base; in with Slimane’s social-friendly, primacy-of-youth focus.

Introducing Celine 16 Bag

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Lady Gaga made waves in Paris with Hedi Slimane’s first bag for Celine, and now, that piece has been officially introduced as the “16.” The numeral name derives from the location of the brand’s headquarters and atelier in a 17th-century mansion at 16 Rue Vivienne, and the bag was designed by Hedi Slimane on the very first day of his arrival at Celine, the brand states.

Introducing Celine Trapeze Bag

By handbagsmini 11 months ago 241 Views No comments

Among all the Celine bags, the Trapeze is the most iconic hands down. Its structure exudes Celine’s essence, with its signature geometric wings still being the most revisited in the history of designer and retailer handbags.First launched in 2010, it gained popularity just within a season, and has never stopped claiming (fashion) victims ever since. The Trapeze is the Celine handbag you have to go for if you are looking for the number one Celine accessory that’s most worth the investment.

Introducing Hermes So Kelly Bag

By handbagsmini 1 years ago 361 Views No comments

Nowadays, designer brands try to retro everything possible from a specific bag that’s unusual hot. It’s almost the same like: ‘I like love flower pink pumps’ and then try to sell me shirts, skirts and bags with pink flowers printed on it. Or isn’t that the correct metaphor?

Introducing Celine Frame Bag

By handbagsmini 1 years ago 397 Views No comments

First released in the Resort 2017 season, the Frame bag is a rather lesser-known bag of the brand’s highly-coveted collection which includes the famous Luggage tote, however with its modern and minimalistic aesthetics, the bag has been favored amongst many Céline fans.

Introducing Hermes Garden Party Bag

By handbagsmini 1 years ago 199 Views No comments

Introducing the Hermes Garden Party Bag, which has been around for a while. It’s the ideal everyday bag for the modern heiress to flaunt. Carry it whenever you are in need of shopping spree, take it in the evenings and even to work.

Introducing Celine Soft Cube Bag

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Céline's handbag lineup has three speeds: weird runway stuff that's only produced for a season, high-profile signature bags like the Luggage Tote and Trapeze Bag, and simple, functional workhorse bags like the Trio or Cabas Tote that embody the brand's signature luxe minimalism and play key roles in the wardrobes of thousands of women.

Introducing Hermes Oran Sandals

By handbagsmini 1 years ago 280 Views No comments
The Hermes Oran Sandal is a minimalist sandal that looks very chic. It has a sleek sophisticated design that is truly unique for a pair of sandals. It has a whole beach summer vibe that looks light and airy to wear, while it also has a relaxed lounging-around aesthetic. All these and more are what made this pair of sandals a versatile footwear

Introducing Celine Trio Bag

By handbagsmini 1 years ago 231 Views No comments

Who doesn’t know the Celine Trio Bag? Who doesn’t want it? It’s one of the well known handbags in the fashion world and it has been covered in numerous fashion news, personal blogs and Youtube video’s. So the Trio Bag needs no introduction from me, but we’d like to write a nice review about it. Let’s talk iconic, shall we?