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Introducing Celine Trapeze Bag

Introducing Celine Trapeze Bag
By handbagsmini 1 years ago 263 Views No comments

Among all the Celine bags, the Trapeze is the most iconic hands down. Its structure exudes Celine’s essence, with its signature geometric wings still being the most revisited (or should we say copied?) in the history of designer and retailer handbags.

First launched in 2010, it gained popularity just within a season, and has never stopped claiming (fashion) victims ever since. The Trapeze is the Celine handbag you have to go for if you are looking for the number one Celine accessory that’s most worth the investment.

A combo box flap and the signature Celine luggage wings gets mixed together with a structural simpler silhouette; and bam! One of the most famous bags of Celine is formed out of the above reaction, being the house’s classic design that drives everybody out of their mind.

The brand that started as children’s shoe business diversified so much that it’s now has become a known name on everybody’s tongue, yes we’re of course talking about Celine which led to so many creative developments in the world of handbags, under it’s creative designer Phoebe Philo. She wanted to include the practical wardrobe or rather we say, the trait of functionality along with some very interesting colours and materials in her designs. On her a priory concept the design of this Celine Trepeze Bag is also made.

If we remember the year 2014 in terms of Celine fashion history than we would be amazed to know that a mini Trapeze was also released as a baby version of this Trapeze bag, from then onwards these minis were the hottest trend.


The sleek lines, wide gussets, flap closure with clip fastening and a detachable shoulder strap; these are just a few qualities that you’ll find in a trapeze. Much more convenient than any other bag, these bags are available in python, crocodile, calfskin and many such leathers along with some quirky blend of shades.

The top handle- that’s the most unique trait! These have ample space, you cannot just carry it on the crux of your arm and on your shoulder but can also fling it on, and like the style icon you are. Just it’s simplicity, a trapeze doesn’t need anything at all; the design is so sophisticated and beautiful that it itself stands out. You can either use the shoulder strap or carry it by hand, everything is perfect.

A vintage lover will be thrilled to know that this bag which has its own ladylike style also has some vintage touch to it as well, exclusively provided by the square clasp in front. Morever if the bag comes in not only single but also bi and tri colors than it would definitely add to the overall beauty.

Will it fall? No, absolutely no chance, it has a structural sillhouette that’s too stiff to make it fall. Although you’ve to try a bit harder if you want to dig around the bag because of the position of its handles. It’s somewhat similar to the Celine tote, except for the years that can be put in using the snap button and is roomier. The design is more perfect than your tote.


Soft suede welcomes you with two snap buttons if you open it’s interior, along with one rear zip pocket, a zipper compartment and two card slots that can store more than you can imagine. Due it’s stiff structure, you never have to worry about the distorting of it’s shape; everything so far from traditional. Cards can be put in safely, your cellphone will be in good hands and you don’t have to worry about losing your keys or carrying a wallet. Life is just fine as it looks with your darling Celine.


Celine Mini Trapeze Bag 8’ x 6’ inches (W x H)
Celine Small Trapeze Bag 11’ x 8’ inches (W x H)
Celine Medium Trapeze Bag 12’ x 9’ x 7’ inches (L x H x D)
Celine Large Trapeze Bag 13’ x 10’ x 7.5’ inches (L x H x D)