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Celine Spring Summer 2019 Handbags

Celine Spring Summer 2019 Handbags
By handbagsmini 10 months ago 566 Views No comments

Celine’s new day has begun.

As presented, the onset of that day played as more of a new night, because Hedi Slimane focused on after dark. He titled his show “Paris La Nuit,” and wrote in his program notes simply, “Journal Nocturne de la Jeunesse Parisienne.”

Telling words indeed. There is virtually no connective tissue between Slimane’s aesthetic and that of his predecessor, Phoebe Philo, a reality on flagrant display throughout the show: Out with Philo’s powerful woman-to-woman runway messaging that connected so intimately with her client base; in with Slimane’s social-friendly, primacy-of-youth focus.

Lady Gaga was spotted carrying the Celine 16 Bag and it’s causing a lot of buzz in the high fashion world.

Rumor says that Hedi Slimane designed the 16 Bag on the first day he worked at Celine, which should be around January 2018.

The name ‘16’ derives from the location of Celine’s headquarter; the address is 16 Rue Vivienne.

Not much info has been released yet, except some images. But what we do know is that the Celine 16 Bag might become the house’s next iconic.

The design is amazing – it feels timeless, elegant and minimalistic. The bag is built with a new chic closure, reinforced with a tag and luxurious lock. The handles are crafted very ladylike and thin.

The body reveals how much the interior can store and it’s big enough for everyday use. The 16 Bag will be released in the beginning of November and it comes in different shades and leathers. The price has not been announced yet.

Inside this handbag, there are 2 internal compartments, a central zipped pocket and flat pocket. There is also an exterior flat pocket on the front under the flap.

Just when the Celine 16 Bag was announced, which we’re expecting to become the house’s next icon, another new handbag was introduced on Celine’s instagram. It’s called the Celine C Bag, named after the new C closure.

The newly C closure is inspired by a Celine closure from the 1970s. The idea is quite simple as the C is engraved on the center. But this high fashion brand is about minimalism and we have become used to that.

Then we noticed the most unusual detail; the C Bag is crafted in Quilted Tablet Pattern. This Quilting is a signature feature from the vintage bags of the 1980’s. Does Celine match with Quilting?

The chain is a redesign of the chain links that encircle the Arc De Triomphe. The Arc De Triomphe is the most famous moments in Paris, standing at the end of Champs-Élysées.

When Celine announced this handbag on Instagram; the reactions were not positive. Some of those comments were: ‘like a Chanel knock-off’ or ‘it just doesn’t look like Celine to me’.

The interior of the C Bag is made up with 1 zipped and 1 flat pocket including 1 main compartment.

So what do you think about this bag?

The French word Triomphe has multiple meaning. Some people know the word from ‘Arc the Triomphe’, which is one of the famous monuments in Paris. But for Celine, they named their next classic handbag the Celine Triomphe Bag.

Triomphe translates to Triumph in French; it means great victory or achievement. The Triomphe Bag is one of the three newest inventions from the Fall Winter 2018 Collection.

The Triomphe Bag reminds us of the Classic Box Bag because of the shape. The body is nicely curved featuring a smooth flap. There are different leathers available including shiny calfskin and the type of leather determines the price.

The overall design has been kept streamlined and minimalistic, but the game changer is the latest double C lock crafted in the center. The double C is made in gold hardware and it’s engraved with the words: ‘Celine Paris’.

The look of this bag breaks every traditional rule in Celine’s book. The center lock is purposely crafted in medium-size with the C for Celine, which is built for flaunting.

The leather strap can be adjusted and used for shoulder or cross body carry. Now let’s take a look at the inside.

The interior is made with a zipped pocket, a flat pocket and main compartment.

The Celine C Charm Bag is an extended version of the latest C Bag. We know that Celine used quilting in the past, which is why some vintage handbags are block quilted. But it’s the first time that Celine implemented it on new handbags.

This C Charm Bag is a shoulder bag, but it feels like a camera bag. It’s round-shaped with block quilting crafted on the body (smooth leather will also be available later). The bag feels chic and minimal.

The leather is calfskin, which is durable and requires low maintenance. The front features a zip closure attached to the small-sized C charm.

The bag comes with a long leather strap for shoulder or cross body carry. The length of the strap is 22’ inch drop. The gold hardware matches perfect to the single colors.

The interior is also quite spacious. Inside there is a flat pocket and 1 main compartment. There is also an outer zipped pocket on the front.

So what do you think about this handbag?

Take a look at the Celine SS19 accessories collection in the gallery above. Select products will be available at Celine storefronts on November 12.